Move-Out Cleaning in Putney to Make Both Tenants And Landlords Happy

Moving out could get tricky if you plan to rent out your now former house or if you have a pendulous deposit handing at the end of your flat vacating. You are not really sure if the landlords will see the care you provided for their property as auspicious as you see it. With booking end of tenancy cleaning from Sean Cleaners in Putney you will positively get your deposit back. Landlords and estate agents will get our special offers! 020 7846 0220 – Your local move out cleaning is currently available 24/7 as our offices are open constantly, just so you could book us whenever you feel like it. Order the experts and sit back and enjoy while they do their thing.

Take Advantage of Hiring Sean’s End of Tenancy Cleaners in Putney

Booking your tenancy cleaners from us is, in fact, the reasonable choice and here is us backing it up with some facts:

  • Sean Cleaners in Putney cover cleaning of bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways and basically everything that you can walk on in the house
  • The professionals of tenancy cleaning you receive are highly experienced for we are in the business many years now and know exactly how things should be done(and cleaned!)
  • Abundant discounts. Reserving us in Putney SW15 area will get you a completely free oven cleaning. We will take care of your cooking appliances for no added charge.
  • The more services you book at once, the more you will save from each. In the end of tenancy cleaning Putney packet we have included(if you book it along) a 40% off price carpet cleaning. The windows can always be brought back to life and we will do that for you with a 15% off discount. One of the reasons people considers our rates competitive.
  • Because of the nature and importance of this service, aside from it being fully insured as our other ones, it also comes with a 72-hour re-clean guarantee. This would mean that in a 2day period we encourage you to give us your feedback on our work and if you feel we have missed a spot in the process you can request a free re-clean and finishing the job.
  • Flexibility is part of our company policy so one of the priorities we have here is that our clients do not adjust their schedule to ours, but the opposite.
  • Not an hourly based service – the team will leave when the job’s done. This is for the main part because we would like to avoid unnecessary prolonging.

Book Sean Cleaners for Your Move-Out Cleaning in Putney

Tenancy cleaning in the SW15 is our speciality and being in the business for so long allows us to develop the service even further by providing special packet deals for estate agents and landlords. Don’t miss out to benefit from us and the team of cleaners we’ll send you. Call 020 7846 0220 or contact us via the live chat feature here, on our website.

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